Owned by Mohajer International Communications Ltd. and under the executive management of the Turkey office (Istanbul), which is also the headquarters of the Middle East, with the aim of providing the most appropriate and best offers and the highest variety of international services in various areas of expertise and market needs Target, under the structure of the franchise with its own business model, has started its activities to provide more, better and faster services. Omic Services Franchise System, based on the knowledge of the world day and its many years of experience in performing international services and in order to expand access in the Middle East, is based on a win-win structure and with the benefit of both parties, and with this intellectual identity He has made all his service plans and has acted in the service pricing system by considering the profit of the customer and the executor in terms of project implementation and cost. In the Omic franchise system, like other hybrid and advanced franchise systems, the agents are selected and approved directly by the head office, and then follow their training, support and service cycle by their regional offices, and of course no prohibitions. And there is no restriction on establishing a direct relationship between the representative and the head office based on the procedure and (definitions of the principles governing the relationship in the structure of the collection). In this system, for quick and easy access to services, ease of communication and protection of the correct cycle of services, each representative contacts the regional office of his constituency and follows the work cycle on a regular basis, which is the process of simplicity, convenience and speed. He will have things to do for them. Also, by creating a platform of facilities such as special software infrastructure, regular trainings, constant updating of functions, etc., it has made its work cycle stronger and more enjoyable.